At Falmouth School we teach students the common applications required to succeed in today’s ICT rich world and the effects this can have, both positively and negatively on individuals and organisations.  We aim to create digitally literate students ready for future careers by teaching core skills, including; spreadsheets, databases, DTP, internet browsing and searches, email, draw and photo packages, web design and word processing.

We also encourage our students to become responsible in their use of ICT and aware of the implications of using social networking sites.  Our students are taught the dangers of sharing personal information online and steps they can take in order to safeguard themselves.

At Key Stage 3 students are taught the core building blocks of computer use, including: e-safety, use of office applications and basics of programming.  At Key Stage 4 our students follow the Digital Information Technology BTEC and learn how to develop software that interacts with humans, how to process large data sets and the importance of ICT in the working world.

Lead teacher:

Miss L Trezona    ltrezona@falmouthschool.net