• WEEK 2


The role of The ICT department at Falmouth School is:

To teach students the common applications required to succeed in today’s ICT rich world. These include; spreadsheets, databases, DTP, Internet browsers and searches, email, draw and photo packages, web design and word processing.

To help students remain safe when using ICT and the Internet. This is achieved through direct education of students alongside events aimed at raising parent/ carer awareness. To find out more about our E- safety visit our moodle site.

To encourage our students to become responsible members of society, aware of the ever-growing impact of ICT on society, individuals and organisations. To reflect critically on ICT's role in society and consider its effects, both positive and negative as well as developing students’ abilities to address the social and ethical issues of ICT.

At Falmouth School our aims are to:

1. Allow staff and students to gain confidence in, and enjoyment from, the use of ICT.

2. Allow staff to develop professionally by enhancing their teaching skills, management skills and administrative skills.

3. Allow students to achieve specific ICT skills as set down in the school's scheme of work.

4. Allow students to appreciate the relevance of ICT in our society and ensure they see it as an essential tool for learning, communication, finding information and for controlling and understanding their environment.

5. Allow parents and carers to become more involved in their child's learning.

6. Help staff, students and parents to understand the implications of using social networking sites and to reinforce the dangers of sharing personal information on these web sites.

7. Offer a wide range of qualifications including IT, Computer Science and digital literacy

Head of Department:

Joe Robins