At Falmouth School we believe that all students should leave with the Maths skills they need to be successful in life.  Our aim is to cover Topics in algebra, geometry, ratio & proportion, statistics and probability with links to real world applications to ensure students leave equipped to deal with mathematical demands in the workplace or university. 

Maths at KS3 and KS4 is taught in sets covering the full range of abilities.

At present Years 7 and 8 are set across two parallel populations with Years 9-11 set across their respective year groups.

The emphasis is at KS3 is on securing progress so that all students can go on to achieve their potential at GCSE. Students follow one of three streamed schemes of work, depending on their KS2 levels, designed to secure at least two levels of progress across the Key Stage. There is regular assessment using traditional GCSE style testing materials as well as more open-ended tasks; students receive feedback at least four times every learning cycle.

At KS4, students are entered for the GCSE examinations. All students are either following the OCR Mathematics (9-1) specification (J560) or AQA Mathematics (8300); both are examined by three equally weighted papers at the end of Year 11. Students either follow Higher (4-9) or Foundation (1-5) tier, depending on their expected progress grade, and their level at the end of Year 9. Borderline students begin higher tier in Year 10, and are reassessed before the start of Year 11.  The foundation students take the AQA papers and higher students the OCR papers.  Talented mathematicians in Year 11 are also invited to study the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths and extra support is offered for this.

Students in the College study the Edexcel A level for both Maths and Further Maths. The subject is well supported with many students then choosing to study maths or related subjects at University.

Students have been successful at the UKMT Maths Challenge at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels.

The department enhances the curriculum for gifted and talented students and supports the maths masterclasses held at Truro College for Year 9 students. 

The philosophy of the department is to enable every student to make progress and to reach their full potential in mathematics. Regular revision, booster and small group sessions are arranged to support students across the ability range, while all students have access to after school ‘drop-in’ sessions, should they require further support.

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Head of Department:

Dr Godwin

Maths F

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