As a department, we are committed to developing independent, autonomous learners. We wholeheartedly believe that it is our responsibility to instil a passion for English in our students, encouraging them to become lifelong literary explorers who will take delight in reading, writing and thinking. We recognise that ours is a subject that fosters creativity - not just in the texts we, and our students read, but also in how we teach our students to respond, think and change in relation to them. 

All of our students are therefore encouraged to think creatively and critically, and their development in these areas is structured and supported across all three key stages. We hope that our curriculum enables our students to read a rich range of novels, poems, plays, works of history, philosophy, theory and more! Our expectation from year 7 is that our students will want to continue with the study of Language and Literature at A-level and beyond; but ultimately we want our students to grow into compassionate adults who are capable of reflecting upon their life’s experiences with exceptional empathy and humility. 

Additionally, as a core subject at the heart of many other academic disciplines, we recognise the importance of sound literacy skills which allow students to communicate with others, both at school and in their everyday lives.

INSPIRE & CHALLENGE: We want our English curriculum to be without limits.

AMBITION: We strive to give young people the opportunities, experiences, knowledge and analytical tools to speak, write and read confidently, appropriately, and on their own terms in whatever context they find themselves in.

EMPOWER:  We want them to see language and literature both inside the classroom and beyond as the gateway to achievement, intellectual curiosity and personal well-being in every aspect of their lives, both in the present and the future.

Teaching Team Leader:

Mrs E Hockley    ehockley@falmouthschool.net