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The English Department at Falmouth School is highly commended and prides itself on a really strong team and outstanding results. Ensuring every child develops a love of English is at the heart of our objectives and our teaching complements the individual learning styles of every one of our pupils.

We passionately believe that the very best English lessons provide engagement, motivation and progress in the crucial skills of communication.

At KS3 our curriculum builds upon the skills acquired at primary level: our students explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts and develop their skills in reading, writing and speaking for a range of purposes and audiences. We work with a variety of texts ranging from classic literature to contemporary media and drama and popular fiction for young adults. We strive to perfect hard edged skills of analysis whilst simultaneously encouraging creativity!

Each half term, students complete two formal assessments based on the KS3 assessment foci. Students are aware of their levels and are encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning by evaluating their own progress, setting their own targets and completing improvement tasks.

At KS4 all of our students study both English Language and English Literature. This provides them with the confidence to communicate clearly and effectively; to develop a unique and personal style of writing, demonstrating flair and technical accuracy; to read widely both for their own enjoyment and to develop reading skills such as synthesis, inference and general analysis.

At post 16, we offer A-level English Language, A-level Literature, A-level Media Studies, A-level Creative Writing  and A-level Film Studies – all very popular and highly successful courses led by subject specialists.

Beyond the curriculum, we provide our students with a wealth of opportunities to encourage their love of English: theatre visits, author workshops, Youth Speaks and links with the local University are just some of the activities that our Faculty participates in.

We have high expectations of all our students and a passionate belief in the young people that we are privileged to work with every day.

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