Update - 16 July 2021

July 16th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I know that many people are looking forward to the changes to rules around covid Monday 19 July. At school we will maintain our current measures for covid until the end of this term. This is because the local numbers of cases of covid are still high. Therefore we will continue to expect students to wear their face coverings in corridors and communal areas. We will also keep students in their year group bubbles for breaktimes.

Please continue to ensure that your child is completing their covid ‘lateral flow’ tests at home through to the end of the term. As before, if your child tests positive they should self-isolate and get a PCR test to confirm the test result.

From Monday 19 July schools will no longer be required to identify close contacts of covid cases and send those children home. This will now be done by the NHS Track and Trace service. If you are contacted by NHS Track and Trace and told that your child needs to self-isolate, then please let us know by emailing enquiries@falmouthschool.net. We will then notify parents of the year group that there has been a case, but the identity of the student will not be shared.

Students who are currently self-isolating, where the period of isolation continues beyond Monday 19 July, must continue to self-isolate until they have completed 10 days. For some this could extend into the school holidays.

We are still receiving guidance from the government relating to changes for September. We will let you know how this affects your child as soon as we can, but please bear with us as this may be into the school holidays.

I would like to remind you that term ends at 12:30 on Wednesday. For your information I have also added the term dates for 2021-22 below.


Best wishes

Alex George

Interim Headteacher



INSET day – no students to attend


Start Autumn term – year group details will be emailed for a staggered start due to Covid testing


Half term


INSET Day – no students to attend


End of term


INSET Day – no students to attend


Start Spring term


Half term


End term


Start Summer term


Half term


End term



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