End of Spring Term 2018

March 20th 2018

Falmouth MAT

You are now able to access the Falmouth MAT website by using the www.falmouthmat.org.uk address. The website contains the MAT documents that detail our operations in the partnership across the three schools along with job vacancy and contact information. The website will be updated with additional information regularly so please go to the site to be fully informed about our MAT work.

Since Christmas we have revised our arrangements for Governance and Operational Leadership within the MAT to ensure we have the best possible leadership, accountability and communication structures in place both within the MAT structures and in each individual school. Please visit the MAT website for further details.

Sports Development

Since my last update much has happened. The new FA standard grass pitches are growing a good coverage of grass with some additional landscaping work around the perimeter about to happen. The Pavilion construction is well under way with the frame, flooring and roof in place and the internal walls going up. The sub base for the all-weather pitch, the fencing and floodlights are also all in place. When you drive by now you can get a real sense of the scale and opportunity the  new multi-million development will bring to our community for the start of the 2018 Autumn Term. It is not surprising to see and hear from so many people who are really looking forward to using the new facilities.

Mobile Phones

As with many parents, I value the security a mobile phone brings in being able to contact my children easily and quickly, when it is appropriate to do so. The safe and secure use of mobile devices, such as phones, for many is a part of modern life that is now quite established. Mobile phones do also, however, present risks to children and families when not used appropriately and in school it is really important that we promote the safe and appropriate use of phones. To ensure we achieve this, we regularly review our policy on mobile phone use and have recently undertaken a review.  As a result, may I draw your attention to the changes that are being put in place when we start back after Easter, to ensure the safe and appropriate use of mobile phones in our school:

  • Mobile phones can only be used on the school premises if supervised by a staff member. Students in Years 7 to 11 are not permitted to use a phone, headphones or any similar electronic device in school without being directly supervised. For the avoidance of any doubt, the ‘school premises’ includes any area inside or outside whilst at school and ‘directly supervised’ means when a staff member is with you and has given permission for you to use your phone;
  • If family members need to get hold of their child whilst in school we ask that you please contact the School Reception.


We are sure, with these updates in place and your support, we will be able to ensure the use of mobile phones is safer and appropriate for all children in the school. We would also hope to have your support on such an important issue of keeping children safe, if any student does not comply with these updated arrangements.

First Impressions

Every day hundreds of students in our school behave impeccably well with the vast majority of students never needing to receive any form of sanction. Whilst we have a reward system to recognise student effort within the classroom, we do not have a system in place that recognises this good behaviour and conduct around the school site.

To address this, starting after Easter, each student in Years 7 to 11 will be issued with a weekly ‘First Impressions’ card each Monday (the card is designed to sit neatly in the blazer pocket to ensure there is no reason for students not to carry their card with them at all times whilst in school). Tutors will collect the cards back in on the following Monday and those students whose ‘First Impressions’ card remains unmarked at the end of each week, will have their card entered into a weekly prize draw in Assembly to recognise and celebrate students who maintain excellent conduct at all times.

If behaviour from a student outside of lessons is not at the standard expected from Falmouth students, their card will be used to record any misdemeanour. Please note, within the classroom the well embedded and very effective C1/2/3 system will remain in place.

As with the updates to mobile phone use, we would hope to have your support in recognising the excellent behaviour and conduct of students at the school each day through the use of the ‘First Impressions’ card.

Letters will be sent home this week with further information about these updates, so please look out for the further details.

Exam Preparation

The Spring Term is closing fast and the Easter break is almost upon us. For those families with children preparing for exams next term, please can I take this opportunity to repeat the age old message that those students who invest additional time and effort with their revision over the coming weeks will reap the rewards when it comes to sitting the exams. There is no short cut to this!

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