Welcome Back to the start of Spring Term 2018

January 11th 2018

Welcome back to the start of the Spring Term 2018.  We are straight back to business with January exams being sat by some of our students in the first week back!


Falmouth Multi Academy Trust (MAT)

As you are aware, Falmouth School now works in partnership with King Charles and St Francis as Falmouth MAT.  During the last 12 months one aspect of my role as the CEO of Falmouth MAT has been to oversee the forming of the partnership and, with colleagues, to get us all up and running last term.  It is great to see how the MAT has already provided both benefits and advantages for all three of our schools.

One of the key drivers for setting up the partnership was to ensure that Falmouth MAT governance and school leadership retained the responsibility and accountability for the current education provision for our children in Falmouth and the future development of that provision.  We have achieved that through our MAT Board of Directors and individual school governors all being locally based people who directly represent our schools and through an ‘Executive Board’ of senior staff within the schools working together.  By working together proactively, we were always going to be better placed to look at how we operate to ensure we can share our best practice as effectively and efficiently as possible in years to come.  It was fantastic to see the students from all of the schools participating in our inaugural Falmouth MAT production of ‘Joseph’ in November and the Christmas Concert in December.  These annual events celebrate and promote the arts across our community, are well established and will provide the opportunity to be even more impressive in future years by working together.

Now that we are up and running, there have been internal changes to some leadership roles within Falmouth School.  Whilst I remain the Headteacher of the School, Alex George has stepped up from his Deputy Head role  to the ‘Head of School’ position with responsibility for the day to day operations of the school.  Mr George, and the rest of the Leadership Team have always worked closely with me on the strategic development and standards within the school, and those responsibilities will remain unchanged with myself.  I will always also be available to speak to you but please refer to Mr George, in the first instance, for day to day questions that you may have.  Please don’t forget that the Chair of Governors and myself are available to see you each month, without appointment, on the dates and times listed on the website (www.falmouthschool.net – About Us – Governance).


Sports Hub

Since last writing to you, the Sports Hub construction has really moved on.  You can see as you drive around the roundabout, that the base layers for the all-weather playing pitch are down and the floodlights are up.  The frame for the Pavilion is also up which now gives a feel of how impressive the facility will be.  Whilst the newly constructed grass pitches are ‘greening up’, the grass growth will still need time to consolidate.  It is great to report therefore that all is on schedule at present.


School Attendance

Many thanks for your support in our drive to ensure that our students have outstanding attendance at school.  In my Autumn Term update I gave you some statistics about the importance of making the best effort to attend school every day.  Just a few days of absence can significantly impact on the work of students which is really important in all year groups, but particularly so in Years 11, 12 & 13 where students complete a number of exams.  Please therefore can I ask for your continued support to ensure that all of our students are given the opportunity to do the best they can by attending regularly.


Brett Miners


Falmouth School

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