Final half-term of the school year

June 6th 2017

Welcome back to the final half-term of the school year. More so than ever, in light of the tragic events in Manchester and London over recent weeks, the safety of our school community is of the utmost importance. Knowing where our children are and what they are doing is crucial to keeping them safe both in and outside of school. It is only by knowing this that we can be assured of our children’s safety and we will always continue to prioritise our work to protect our children.

The exam season is up and running and the next couple weeks are the busiest time for exams in the year. Students in Year 11, 12 and 13 are currently taking external exams whilst our younger students are doing internal end of year assessments. Our students and staff are working really hard to ensure the very best preparation for the exams but there is no substitute for thorough and focused revision after school and at home. I am sure that right across our community there are many families who are also working hard to support and promote study during this time.

The Sports Development continues at a steady pace. The replacement pitches on the Budock site are now ready for drainage pipes and their top dressing of top soil. The work is on schedule for completion this September. You may well have seen the large pile of top soil accumulating at the top of the site over the past few weeks as you drive by! Kier are the company who have won the contract to build the Sports Pavilion and they are currently working with us to discharge the planning pre-conditions. Tiger Turf are the company that have been awarded the contract to construct the 3G pitch and they also are currently working with us to discharge the planning pre-conditions related to this part of the work. We should see work start on both the Pavilion and the 3G pitch next month.  

We have also updated the uniform details for families on the website (http://www.falmouth.cornwall.sch.uk/240/uniform). As requested by families, we are providing two independent retailers for you to choose who you purchase the uniform items from. This has been agreed to ensure a competitive market for purchasing, in line with guidance. Both the main school uniform and the approved PE kit can be purchased from MC Sports or A Game. The details for both of these retailers are on the website link. Please note we have also expanded the options for PE kit this year, following requests from both students and families. As these items are optional, you have the choice as to whether or not you wish to purchase them. To further help with costs, families have the choice to continue to buy the separate traditional rugby shirt and polo top or to replace the separate items with one single top that can be worn for all games activities. Please also note that  both providers are supplying kit with slight variations but, rest assured, all items from the retailers have been approved by the school for use. The main school uniform options, regardless of supplier, are exactly the same brand. We have also invested in new team kits for our students who represent the school in fixtures. The black and light blue combinations look really smart and I am sure our students will be delighted to wear the new kit.

With regard to our proposed formal educational partnership (Falmouth MAT) with King Charles and St Francis, much work has been under taken by a number of staff and governors across all three schools over the last 6 months. This work was informed by the public consultation replies that we received in the consultation window that lasted for three months last Autumn. In the Spring the Department for Education (DfE) approved our plans and the governors representing all three schools have undertaken a very thorough due diligence exercise since the DfE approval, going through all aspects of the proposal. Whilst this work is not yet fully finished, it is reaching the concluding stages that will ensure that all governors are able to make a fully informed decision about the creation of the Falmouth MAT in the near future. Please be assured that we will write to you again before any final decisions are taken regarding the forming of our educational partnership.




Brett Miners


Falmouth School

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