End of Autumn Term message

December 16th 2016

We have had a really productive and busy last few weeks leading up to the end of term.  To mention just a few events, Year 11 students have completed their mock exams in preparation for the GCSEs later in the year; the works have now started on the fabulously exciting sport development; the Falmouth Multi Academy Trust proposal consultation has taken place and Ofsted came for a visit to see how the school is currently working.


Hopefully you have seen the press release that we sent out this week regarding the Ofsted Inspection, with some details about this also reported in the local press.  It was great that all of the work of the students and staff since the last inspection has been recognised so positively.  We expected this to be the case as our outcomes for students have reached record levels with so many of our students now working at levels considerably above the national averages.  Even though the outcome was expected, it was still a delight to read a report full of positive comments about the school.  One of the jobs now highlighted by Ofsted moving forward, is that we need to do more to ensure the community knows more about the ‘good work and rising standards’ (Ofsted Dec 2016) in Falmouth School.


Part of our ongoing plan to communicate as best we can with you has now moved on to the next stage with the roll out of the new App for your phone called ‘School Gateway’.  I have this App on my phone and it is a great way to receive immediate information about your child in school.  With this and the weekly newsletter, the short emails twice a week highlighting good work, the Twitter and Facebook feeds and your progress reports every half-term, hopefully you are feeling  that you are getting much more information from the school than ever before.


In the Spring Term we will announcing some updates (but not changes) to the school uniform.  In a previous message I reported that a number of parents had contacted us to ask for the school to provide trouser/skirt options that are clearer and easier for families to purchase.  We have taken this on board and have worked up the details with our uniform supplier, MC Sports. Please look out for these updates in the Spring Term.


The staff come back into school on Tuesday, 3 January with the students returning on Wednesday, 4 January.  I do hope you enjoy the festive period and that it is a peaceful and restful time for you all.


Brett Miners


Falmouth School

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