09.09.2022 Letter to Parents

September 9th 2022

Dear Parent/Carer,

We have welcomed students back to school this week and I am pleased to report that they have made a positive start. Following Mr Hayward’s communication to you earlier in the week, you should also know your child’s Tutor so that you can contact them directly should you need to do so. They will also be introducing themselves to you over the coming weeks.

Here is some information which we hope is useful for you to know.

Upcoming dates:


Forthcoming Events


21 September

23 September

Family Learning (Preparing students to succeed- Year 11 & Year 13 families)

All day – HPV Immunisations


27 September

29 September


9.15am-11am Open Morning

9.15am-11am Open Morning

5.30pm – 7.30pm Open Evening for the new Year 6 students


3 October

Year 11 Pre-Public Exams Week (PPEs)


15 October

6.00pm UCAS Deadline for Medicine, Dentistry, Oxford and Cambridge applications


20 October

21 October

3.30pm – 6.30 pm All Year Groups to Meet the Tutor (Remote)

End of Term



Parent Pay

If your son or daughter hasn’t received their ParentPay login details in their tutor group this week please email finance@falmouthschool.net and we can send them to you an electronic version.

Lessons and class groups

Students have all been given a printed copy of their timetables. We have moved to 5 lessons in each day, which are set up as double lessons in students’ timetables. This is to offer the school flexibility should we need to deal with a Covid outbreak, we will review this again when we set up the timetable for the academic year 2023-24, which seems a long way off at the moment! The groups for students have been changed for all Year 7, 8 and 9 students. They will be taught in sets for maths from Year 7 and science from Year 9. Design Technology and IT lessons are in smaller groups than in previous years, to ensure good access to specialist equipment. Other subjects will be taught in new parallel groups with a range of students in every class.

Google Classroom

We are very excited to be introducing ‘Google classroom’ to our school. Behind the scenes our teachers are in the process of creating a Google classroom for every group they teach. This will include useful resources for students to access from home, content to support additional learning and will in time be where most teachers set homework. The administration for this will take a couple of weeks, so please bear with us.



Once each google classroom is set up students will be given class codes to access these classrooms. They will use the same password to access learning in school or from home. Your child’s tutor will supervise them signing up to each ‘virtual’ classroom using our computer suites in school. We hope this will help to eliminate any issues. Once each student has successfully signed up to their google classrooms we will notify you. You will then be able to view these with your child and access their learning together. We will run events to inform parents of further details about this system once we have the students all enrolled successfully.


Year 7 students have been given the exclusive use of the lower tennis courts at breaktimes to give them space and time to settle in. Please could you help us by reminding them that this is where they need to go if the weather is fine, other year groups are asked to keep away from this area.


Some students in our school have weakened immune systems, either as a condition or as a result of treatment for other illnesses. Although chickenpox may be considered mild, it could be very serious if one of this group contracted the disease. Please can you let us know if your child is returning to school following illnesses like chickenpox so that we can make appropriate arrangements to keep all of our students safe.

Key Contacts in School

Member of Staff

Area of Responsibility

Contact Details

Mr Sheer

Learning Lead: Years 7& 8


Mrs Fox

Learning Lead: 9&10


Miss Miller

Learning Lead: Year 11


Mr Fewster

Sixth Form



Welfare and Safeguarding

Member of Staff

Area of Responsibility

Contact Details

Mrs Holland

Years 7, 8 & 9


Mrs Macrae

Years 10 & 11


Mrs Hartley

Year 12



Leadership Team

Member of Staff

Area of Responsibility

Contact Details

Mrs de Sousa



Mr George

Deputy Headteacher: Quality of Education


Mrs Benney

Assistant Headteacher: Teaching, Learning & Sixth Form


Mr Mitchell

Assistant Headteacher: Data, Assessment, Pupil Premium, National Tutoring Programme


Mrs Penrose

Assistant Headteacher: Mathematics


Mr Cilia

Restorative Practice Lead


Mr Lumbers

Attendance, Careers and Personal Development Lead


Mr Hayward

Behaviour & Attitudes


Mrs Brooker





Parents Evenings

Year 11                 03.11.22

Year 7                    24.11.22

Year 9                    26.01.23

Year 8                    09.03.23

Year 10                 27.04.23


And finally…We held a whole school on-line assembly this morning to remember and to celebrate the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and respectfully observed a period of reflection during Tutor time.


We all wish you a very restful and lovely weekend. Autumn is in the air and we hope to enjoy the September sunshine.


Yours Sincerely,

Brenda de Sousa



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