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Update - 26 March 2021, Dr Fox

March 26th 2021

Dear Staff, Students & Falmouth Community

Over the last two days we have undergone a robust and thorough recruitment process for a permanent headteacher of Falmouth School.

The Trust Board and I are very pleased to announce that as of 1 September 2021 Mrs Brenda De Sousa will start at Falmouth School as Headteacher.  Mrs De Sousa, over the two days, has shown outstanding knowledge of education, a high regard for student and staff wellbeing and that for everyone to succeed schools need to be at the heart of their community and happy and safe places to be.  She has a wealth of experience and will enable Falmouth School to go from strength to strength.  The Trust sincerely thank the work of our Interim Headteacher, Alex George, who has done an amazing job in setting the school on the path to success. We recognise this and staff and the community have also recognised the work that Mr George has done.  From September, Mr George will revert to his Deputy Headteacher position and will continue to contribute to the improvements of Falmouth School.

I would like to thank all staff, students, trustees and Trust partners for their support in this process.

Chris Challis, CEO The Roseland MAT




This weekend also spells the end of the first step in the ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown.  If you need more details about what this means then please use this link.    Schools remain with a raft of measures to minimise risk and I’m proud that students have responded sensibly and maturely to the additional face covering wearing In lessons and, of course, the mass testing.    Face coverings in lessons will be reviewed by the government next week.   Just a reminder that all students should be home testing on Sundays and Thursdays to ensure we catch any asymptomatic cases at home.  Once again,  I can report there are no cases amongst staff or students.    We’ve been asked by the DfE to ask you all to ensure that students keep testing over Easter and ensure that they conduct one test on the Sunday evening before they return to school if they have a test kit at home.    We will be supplying more home testing kits for students before we break up next Thursday at 3.00pm.    

All of our Parents’ and Carers’ Consultation Evenings are now over for the year but please get in touch with our teachers if you need to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress.  Most of you have experienced our use of the on-line system  and the overwhelming response from you is that you always want to use SchoolCloud’s on-line system regardless of social distancing.    We heard that it is easier for those of you with younger children, easier for those to join from their workplace, you can make a cup of tea in the gaps  and that the strict time limit (with that ominous countdown at the top of the screen)  keeps everyone to time!   We will consult on this later in the year but if you have any feedback now whilst it is fresh in your mind then please let us know via enquiries@falmouthschool.net.

We are waiting for the official feedback letter from our recent Ofsted monitoring visit.   We are looking forward to seeing Ofsted again to show them what a great school we have when they can finally come on site, visit our lessons and meet our students.    Ofsted are currently piloting inspections to explore how best to inspect schools during these times of restrictions.  We all are eager to move Falmouth School to a category which reflects how the school is now rather than nearly two years ago!

We can now announce the time line for final assessments for our students who would have been taking exams this year.   All Y11, Y12 and Y13 students who have courses with final exams will be having some form of in-class assessments after Easter.   All being well, they will take place in the weeks 26th April – 21st May, depending on students’ timetables.   These are not exams.   They will not take place in exam conditions nor with they be of the same length as exams.   Each subject will talk through with students how the final grades will be decided as different subject will have different style of assessments i.e. some are almost all coursework, some mostly assessments both past and the coming final assessments to be performed next term.   We will publish this information on our website so you, as parents and carers, can see how we will decide the final grades in detail.   The questions and topics for the final assessments will be discussed beforehand and adjustments will be made for students with access arrangements (e.g. extra time) so we are fair to all students.   Importantly, these final assessments are just one part of evidence we will use to gauge the final grade of students.  We will not be able to share the final grades which we will submit to the exam board as they need to go through quality assurance by the exam boards in late June and early July.   We can share the evidence which we will be using and results of the in-class assessments (e.g. percentages) so students and you will know what we will be using to make our final decisions.    Our results days have now been set as 10th August for Y11 students and 12th August for Y12 and Y13 students.  This gives enough time for students to get advice and guidance on their results and their next steps, including enrolling into Falmouth College.     

We’ve just had a flurry of applications for our Post-16 courses and we are now putting together the timetable for our applicants.   We hope to confirm everyone’s courses soon.   It is great to see so many students choosing to stay with us.     

Spring is certainly here and with the clocks going forward this weekend to bring us lighter evenings and a taste of the summer to come.  Added to the vaccine rollout being a success and the COVID numbers remaining low, let’s all hope that the dark days are behind us and 2021 can truly get going at last!     


Dr Matt Fox

Interim Deputy Headteacher


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