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October 18th 2016

The first half term has flown by as we approach the break. Last week the provisional school performance tables were produced. They contain all sorts of information about school performance but the main headlines come from the Year 11 data from the exams this Summer. The Government has changed some of the indicators this year and the  four main performance  measures are Progress 8 (the progress  students make across 8 subjects, with the 8 subjects split into 3 areas), Attainment 8 (the actual grades the students achieved in these subjects), the percentage of students achieving a C or better in English and Maths and the percentage of students entered for and achieving the EBacc (EBacc is achieved when students achieve a C grade or better in English, Maths, Science, a Humanity (such as Geography/History) and a Language (such as French/Spanish)). Probably the first three measures described here are the ones getting the most attention.

Here at Falmouth it is great to see that our outcomes are significantly above average for the progress students make, the attainment they achieve and the % that achieve C grades or better in English and Maths. Some schools may do well in one particular measure, but what is so great for Falmouth is that our achievements are good in all three of the measures and that this has been sustained over the past three years. We are quite justified in saying that we are one of the best schools in Cornwall when you consider the outcomes our students achieve.

We were delighted to see so many families visit our Open Evening earlier in the month and many thanks to those of you that gave us such positive feedback. We are receiving so many positive comments about our students, their work and results and the work of our staff at present as we continue to give our best endeavours to ensuring our students get every chance to succeed. All families will be able to access the 2016/17 Enrichment Booklet in the next few days which shows a considerable breadth of support and activities for students across this year and ensures students can be making the best use of their time both before lessons start and once they are over. Increasingly, more and more students are taking the opportunity to have further support with their learning and it is quite common now to see students in the school working into the early evening.

Whilst we have not changed any polices relating to uniform and behaviour this term, we have worked to ensure that we are being as consistent as we can be with the application of procedures so that we are being fair to all students. The flexibility that is recommended for families when purchasing uniform can be helpful and can also raise questions. A number of parents have contacted us this term to ask if we could have a central uniform supply, similar to many schools in Cornwall, where you are only able to buy and wear the school agreed items. The argument presented here is that such a system makes it easier for parents because the choice of uniform is only from the agreed list and supplier. In due course we will write to you about this and ask for your views. If it is clear the majority view from families is to move to a central supply and purchase arrangement for uniform, we will start to look at our options moving forward. Please therefore pass your views back to us once you get the letter. In the meantime please visit the school website to see the Uniform Policy for our students which can be directly accessed on the following link -

We hope all of our community have a good half term break and a productive second half of the term.


Brett Miners


Falmouth School

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