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  • Welcome back to the start of the Autumn Term 2016

    12th September 2016
    Well done to all of our students last week, returning from their holidays. We were delighted to see how well all of the students have settled back into the routine of school.

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  • End of term message

    19th July 2016
    Another school year ends this week at Falmouth. The 2015-16 school year has proven to be an excellent one for the school for many reasons.

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  • Investigating the potential of a Falmouth MAT (Multi Academy Trust)

    16th May 2016
    There have been many recent national announcements about the benefits of schools working formally together and the future of Local Education Authorities. At the forefront of these national plans are the plans to promote school to school collaboration.

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  • Welcome back to the Summer Term 2016

    15th April 2016
    Welcome back to the Summer Term. The Spring Term this year was short and therefore very busy. It was great to see so many students in school and college over the break continuing to work hard in preparation for the exams this year.

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  • Welcome back to the start of the Spring Term 2016

    7th January 2016
    We are delighted to welcome some new members of staff to the school this term and it is really pleasing to see the quality of applications coming in when we advertise employment vacancies at the school.

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  • Autumn Term Update

    13th November 2015
    We are now just over half way through the first term and I am delighted to inform you about the excellent start we have had this year. It was super to see that the hard work and commitment of our students and staff was well rewarded with record breaking GCSE and A Level results that were amongst the very best achieved by schools in Cornwall.

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  • End of Summer Term

    21st July 2015
    Please click here to download the End of Year letter. The letter contains an update of what has been going on throughout the summer term, what is taking place over the summer holidays and gives details of changes being implemented in September.

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  • Changing the face of Reception at Falmouth School

    17th April 2015
    Those of you who have been into school the last few weeks would have noticed changes to our reception area. In order to make the reception area feel more welcoming and more part of the school, we have removed the internal glass wall that separated the area from the main corridor. We have also removed the window in the wall that you needed to talk through, and taken part of this wall away.

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  • End of term update

    10th April 2015
    I am delighted to inform you that the recently published information about the school in the national performance league tables, shows how exceptionally well our students are currently performing. On almost every measure the students have performed better than the national average and, on several measures, significantly better than the national average. Throughout the school, we see students with excellent attitudes towards their studies flourishing under the support and guidance of our staff.

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  • Spring Term 2015 Update

    7th January 2015
    Welcome back to the start of 2015. Please click here to download a document that sets out our additional support for students after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 3:15pm – 4:15pm for the Spring Term 2015. These sessions are available for any student to attend to get additional support such as help with Homework, extra help on a topic they are working on or just a quiet place to work after school.

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