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Ten Tors Team Prepare

Falmouth School Ten Tors Team have just returned from three days on (North) Dartmoor in preparation for the main event in May. The group replicated the same assessment they will undertake at the end of next month. Upon arrival at their base camp, the evening started with the scrutinising of kit bags, a PPE inspection, planning their route and a Q&A session on the rules of the event.


On the second day the boys were up at 5.30am, leaving base camp at 6am for the start of the tough mock event. At the end of day they had covered 22 miles reaching the 7th tor. They had to contend with heavy showers and a piercing wind all day and to end the day they had to wild camp on Rough Tor, some 547m above sea level.


On the third and final day, they were up early again preparing themselves and going over their route back to base camp covering the remaining Tors. With temperatures at minus two and a wind chill of even colder the lads set off. The ice was forming on gloves, maps & clothing with the sudden low mist making visibility down to a few metres. The moor was also still recovering from Hurricane Katie making the conditions underfoot very sodden and in places the ground was knee deep marsh, but they ploughed on.


Outdoor Education lead, Mark Philpott was bursting with pride at the team’s achievement. “To see the lads appear on the 10th Tor on time and walk towards the finish line was quite an experience for myself and the other members of staff. I can’t imagine what we are both going to be like on the real event!” he said. “The lad’s performance was truly amazing covering 41 miles in 2 days in conditions sometimes that can only be described as horrendous.” he added.  


There are still a couple of Dartmoor training sessions planned when the team will just be focusing on navigation, emergency first aid & evacuation scenarios, but more importantly giving them further experience of the moor and what it can throw at them. They will then be ready for the main event in May.

Posted on: 12/04/16

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