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Falmouth School are delighted that Falmouth Town Council’s planning committee have voted to approve the application for the Falmouth School Sports Development. We look forward to working with the community in delivering this once in a lifetime opportunity. The development will feature a full size floodlit 3G artificial pitch and a community sports hub, which would include; a state of the art gym and fitness suite, sports education rooms, a viewing balcony and changing facilities. We are committed to delivering this project as sympathetically as possible and have improved our plans to reflect feedback given in our consultation process. This improvement work has been recognised by the Town Council in their decision to approve this development.

Director of Sport, Jem Wallis, said “We are delighted with the approval decision from the Town Council. We look forward to providing an amazing facility for the school and wider community that will have a positive impact for generations to come. This clearly signals our commitment to providing quality opportunities for Falmouth and its surrounding area.”

The town council approved the application based on the following information we provided them in response to public consultation:

  • Alcohol
    • It was never our intention to include the sale of alcohol. It is not possible without a license and we would be agreeable to the school having a restriction placed upon it that it will not be able to apply for a license to serve alcohol in the future.


  • Hours of use
    • We understand comments relating to 10pm usage 7 days a week. We would be agreeable to restrictions of 9:30pm on weekdays, 6pm on Saturdays and 4pm on Sundays be put in place.


  • Anti-social behaviour
    • The school does not tolerate anti-social behaviour and clubs using the facility would need to adhere to our standards as well as their own sports governing bodies. We would be delighted if residents would work with the school to report users that may be using the facility in an anti-social way. If any anti-social behaviour was to happen the school would deal with it appropriately.


  • Light and noise
    • This element is already lessened through the restriction on hours of use above and the acoustic fencing shown on the plans. This has been shown that light and noise are within expected levels for its location through extensive professional surveys. To improve this further additional planting is offered along the boundary.


  • Parking
    • Some confusion remains in the message from local residents relating to parking with some thinking we had too much and others too little. The underlying concern is that at busy times parking would spill out onto Trescobeas Road. We are happy to restrict use of the facility on evenings when the school has busy events that will potentially cause us a parking issue.


Our Public Consultation

This project first came into being as a sporting legacy project that was to feed off the 2012 Olympics with the initial plans first being discussed in late 2011 before the London games inspired us all.  Over five years later, the next Olympic games are upon us and we still live in hope that the sporting legacy so many other people have accessed and enjoyed will be realised for Falmouth. 

Throughout this time, the public consultation process has been well advertised and attended and we have had significant support the public in the town and on Trescobeas Road at every step.  After initial ideas were put to paper the first consultation was held in May 2013.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, encouraging us to continue to develop our plans. 

The next consultation happened at the end of February 2014 where we held a joint consultation with the council as they prepared for the Union Corner roundabout to go to planning.  Again this was a very positive event for us and by this time we were beginning to formulate a much more coherent plan.

The next consultation held at the start of December 2015 was the first time that we had been able to a firm, costed plan for the development.  The event was hugely successful as others had been previously with well over 90% of people signing into the consultation showing support for our plans.  After the consultation we improved our plans to include more parking on the site ready for our planning submission which went into County planning in February 2016.

We now go to a County Committee meeting to find out if we can carry out our plans on May 9 2016.  This is an important date where our future and the sporting future for Falmouth will be decided.



Posted on: 16/03/16

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