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Bronze Science CREST Award

Over 20 Falmouth School students in years 9 and 10 have received their certificates for completing their Bronze Science CREST Award. The ‘CREST’ is a UK award scheme that recognises success, and enables students to build their skills and demonstrate personal achievement in project work.  


The project is student-led, which means that young people take ownership of their projects and choose to undertake them in areas they enjoy or see as relevant. For this award the students have had to carry out an independent scientific investigation and either a practical or research project, then writing it up using scientific format. 


This included a hypothesis, risk assessment, method, results, conclusion and further work. The project needs to have at least 10 hours of work put in before it can be signed off. Students carry this investigation out independently and us as teachers are only here for guidance and safety.


Science teacher at Falmouth School Daniell Booth said the award helped students develop in Science. “They have developed several skills during this award including communication and organisation” she said. “All student should be very pleased with this award. They’ve done exceptionally well” she added.


Pupils involved: Hannah Attree, Poppy Morris, Will Daniell, Charlie Cocks, Niamh Miller, Ellan Christophers, Sophia Floris, Cora Newton, Nina Benson, Ben Pellow, Jack Pentecost, Olivia Stephens, Thea Tuplin, Aimee O’Connell, Morgan Bowden, Phillip Dobson, Tom Bick, Elly Orders, Immy Steele, Maddie Brown, Gwen Willetts

Posted on: 26/01/16

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