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D of E Students Receive Awards

The outdoor education department at Falmouth School are being kept exceptionally busy this year. In its 60th year the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has hit record numbers with nearly 100 students at the school enrolling in the Bronze & Silver awards. This Saturday saw seven students, parents and school members of staff attend a special award ceremony at New County Hall Truro, hosted by The Chair of Cornwall Council, Councillor Ann Kerridge, to receive their badges and certificates. Following the presentation the students were served light refreshments and a chance to share stories with other award recipients.

A Duke of Edinburgh's Award is recognised by much more than a 'pat on the back' for completing a programme of activities. It is recognition of a young person’s successful journey of self-discovery and development, renowned by employers and universities alike for the qualities young people have who've achieved a ‘DofE’ award. Its balanced programme develops the whole person - mind, body and soul, in an environment of social interaction and team work. There are three progressive levels of DofE programmes which, when successfully completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The gold award is presented in one of the Royal Palaces by the Duke of Edinburgh or Earl of Wessex.

Karin Saunders, Duke of Edinburgh manager, said; “I am delighted with the enthusiasm and response from both the new D of E leadership team within the school and the latest participants who are signing up to undertake their Duke of Edinburgh Award at Falmouth School. The young people will certainly gain a lot from doing their D of E activities by challenging themselves and giving back to their local community with their volunteering efforts. I wish everyone success and look forward to processing those awards!”

Alex George, Deputy Headteacher commented;

“A Duke of Edinburgh Awards speaks volumes about a student. It shows that they have drive, determination and leaderships skills, but also that they can work as a team and can make a difference to their community. We want all of our students to develop these positive characteristics which will help them to become valuable member of society when they leave school.”


There are four sections of the D of E Award scheme:


The volunteer section involves the students, volunteering in their local community. Volunteering is all about making a difference to other people's lives.  Getting off your sofa and taking time out to change things for the better can be great fun. Through the physical section you should achieve a greater physical fitness through participation and improvement in physical activity. It's sure to make you feel healthier and you'll have fun along the way!

The skills section is all about developing practical and social skills and personal interests.  By choosing to develop a particular skill you are not only developing a new talent but you will also boost your self-esteem, develop practical and social skills and learn how to set and rise to a challenge. If this isn't enough, it should also be good fun too!

Once you’ve done the preparation the fun starts when you go out and do a practice and a qualifying expedition.  Once you’ve completed your final expedition you’ll give a presentation about your experiences and your achievements to your supervisor, assessor or another adult. The whole experience will give you laughs, arguments, joy and frustration along the way. But, by the end, you’ll have better team and leadership skills, not to mention bags more confidence and a rucksack full of great memories!

Posted on: 18/01/16

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