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Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership Team

The JLT were elected in the Autumn of this year, having both written an application and having gone through an interview.  Those elected and the roles they have are as follows:


I'm Lauren and I'm the Head Student. This year, I really want to focus on resolving the issues that all students feel need to be addressed because it is important to me that everyone gets to contribute ideas and opinions to the way the school operates.




Hello, I'm Alex, one of the deputy head students at Falmouth School and my main mission while being deputy head student is to try and improve the school's relation within the community and allow the school to work better with the community and attend events within the community as well. I also want to allow younger students in the school to have a voice for their improvements they want to see within the school.



Hello, my name is Orla. I am deputy head student. My goal for this year is to create a positive environment for the students in and around the school.






Hi, I’m Zsofia one of the senior prefects here at Falmouth School; I oversee charity and fundraising. My aim throughout the course of this year is to help raise money and awareness for various charities (including a variety of mental health charities) to help them get the infrastructure and facilities to be able to make a positive change in the world.





Hi my name is Sennen. I am a senior prefect, and my specific role is peer mentoring. It is important to me to make sure students have someone that they know they can talk to or go to for support whenever they need it.






My name is Josh, and I am a senior prefect at Falmouth School. My role is head of inter house competitions and for me this role is about giving students the opportunity to work together and have fun within sport using our wonderful facilities here.






My name is Grace and I am passionate about working with year 7 and 8 students to ensure that they have someone they can speak to if they need an advocate.





School Council

There is a school council meet once a month on a Wednesday with a member of the 6th form presidency team and the JLT.  This meeting is held in year group clusters, which enables more pupils to be able to share their tutor group's 'voice'.  Each year group cluster has also nominated a year group representative, who are available to attend smaller focus meetings if required.

The head student and 2 deputy head students will then present to the (adult) leadership team the following Tuesday at 3.15pm, as the first item of the agenda, and then feedback to the school in the following Monday's assembly through teams.


Posted on: 10/11/22

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