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  • Newly Elected Junior Leadership Team

Newly Elected Junior Leadership Team

Hello to all reading this, we are your Head Students and we are excited to introduce ourselves to you. Our role is to lead the student body and bridge the divide between students and staff. We plan to bring a lot to this position and shape the school into a student-forward positive environment. We are extremely passionate about making sure all students feel listened to and that their opinions are valued by the school. If you have any concerns or ideas, then please come speak to us! We are more than happy to talk to you and hear anything you would like to say. All feedback is greatly appreciated in order to make the change you want. The student newsletter is here to report to you about the progress that we are making and the outcomes from JLT and SLT meetings. One of these newsletters will be released each term to keep you updated. Look out for updates on the upcoming JLT meetings via tutors. Thank you for your ongoing support, the Head Students of Falmouth School.   Stanley Hesser, Abigail Orton, Lottie Jose and Harry Campbell




Posted on: 8/10/21

Letters from the Headteacher

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