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Consent for Covid Testing

Dear Parents and Carers,


Consent for Rapid COVID-19 Testing in School

As you know we will be starting testing for COVID-19 in school from the 8th March during our phased return.  The testing is for two reasons; to stop the spread of COVID-19 in school by isolating students and staff without symptoms so they can’t unknowingly spread the infection,  and to train students in how to test themselves at home after three tests in school.   More information is provided here from the government.

Hundreds of thousands of these tests have already been done across the country including our own staff and students who have been in school since January.  We understand that many parents and students may be worried about this next step in the fight against COVID-19.  Please read this information and the details below to give you an idea of what will happen during testing.  The test is done by the students themselves in readiness for home testing.     

This test is voluntary - if consent is not given then a student will not be tested.

We are all strongly encouraged by the government to participate in these tests to end this pandemic sooner rather than later; staff and students alike.

Here is the consent form on this link.    If you do not respond to this by Friday 5th March at 3pm we will not test your child in following weeks. 

Young people over 16 can give self-consent but they must discuss this decision with their parent or carer.   

Students will be receiving this information below on a separate email direct to them.   It is here for your information.

Information for Students Taking The Lateral Flow Test

If consent is given your parents to take the test then you will go to the test centre (the Dance Studio next to the Sports Hall) at a specific time.  The first time you will go with all your tutor group and only those who have consent will be tested.

This is a video of the whole procedure for self-testing.  This is identical apart from some of the equipment is packaged differently and will look slightly different from yours.

When you are in school you’ll register with the person at the test centre.  We have some volunteers and new staff helping us with this process.  You will then be directed to your table where you will find your test kit and then:

  1. Sanitise!
  2. You’ll take your slim plastic test box out of its packet and put your name on the back of it with a sticker.
  3. You will then need to blow your nose (take your mask off first…)
  4. Sanitise again!
  5. Then use the swab (a stick like a cotton bud) to wipe and take a sample from your tonsils (at the back of your throat) and up your nose.    
  • This is the part where your eyes will water and you may get a gag reflex – this is normal and shows you are doing it right!
  • You should only let the cotton wool end of the swab touch your tonsils and the inside of your nose – try not to let it touch anywhere else
  1. Put your mask back on.
  2. You then place this swab in the small, clear pot with liquid in it and mix it around.
  3. You then put two to three drops of the liquid in to the slim, plastic test box where it says ‘S’.
  4. You then throw away all your waste packaging, swab and pot. 
  5. You will give your test box to the supervising person once the liquid has started to flow up the test and appears in the little window.  (There are two other letters on it ‘C’ and ‘T’.  If a line appears next to ‘C’ then you’ve done your job correctly!  ‘T’ means the test is positive but it won’t appear for 30 minutes.)
  6. Sanitise again.
  7. Done!
  8. You’ll leave out of a different door and be escorted back to class.

All students have been supplied with LFD COVID-19 test kits to self-swab and test themselves twice a week at home.  You should report ALL results from your lateral flow tests as soon as the test is completed, including negative results. You must report all test results using this simple and quick tool -

If you have a positive result you should telephone us to let us know and follow official government guidance on self isolation.  Students who test positive will then need to arrange a lab based PCR test to confirm the result which can be booked at

Please do not worry about this.  All our staff are going to help you make this easy.




Dr Fox


Posted on: 1/03/21

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