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New College Presidency Team


While the new Falmouth College Presidency Team was elected during lockdown, the team are back in college and have begun their term. It was a very different process to normal of course, but it did not deter from some very impressive applications being sent in. The final decision saw Saffy Bevan appointed as the new President, deputised by Hannah Marsh. Izzy Macpherson was appointed Charity Lead Officer, with Hannah Bowen as Well-being Lead Officer. Brendan Townley (community) and Ethan Murray (Falmouth College) complete the team of six as Environmental Officers.

The new team are certainly happy to be back and don’t plan on wasting any time in making their mark, with strong visions from each of the team as per their below quotes.

Saffy: “As the new President of Falmouth College, I am excited to help the college better itself with the support of my incredible team.”

Hannah M: “I’m looking forward to supporting the role of president and working alongside the rest of the team, to hopefully have a positive impact upon changes made to the college.”

Izzy: “I’m very excited to be able to shed light on local charities and how easy it is for us to support members of our community, working together is going to be very important when achieving our charity goals this year.

Hannah B: “I’m aiming to create a college environment where college students feel comfortable, safe and secure to express themselves on a daily basis. Furthermore, I aim to dedicate time to learn about important issues that affect teens and young adults in today’s society.”

Brendan: “My plans are to vastly improve the college environment, making the college a safer and more eco-friendly place.”

Ethan: “My goal this year is to improve the environment of the college by not only continuing the recycling schemes, but improving the external areas around the college.”

Head of Falmouth College Dr Matt Fox spoke of how the candidates stood out during the interview process. “All six students who were appointed impressed the interview panel with their ideas and enthusiasm. We’re really looking forward to working with them to continue to make Falmouth College an excellent community and environmentally friendly place to be,” he said.



Posted on: 21/09/20

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