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doing our bit at Falmouth MAT


At a time where the importance of working together has never been more relevant, the schools of Falmouth MAT have teamed up to do their bit with great success.

Based at the Falmouth School site, King Charles, St Francis and Falmouth School have already been caring for the children of key workers and vulnerable students. On top of this, the school has become a hub for the provision of Free School Meals, with parents and carers of students collecting packed lunches from reception on Monday afternoons with enough food to last the week.

Packs include such essentials as bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes and snacks including crisps and cakes. The MAT were also delighted to have the favour repaid last week, with the amazing support of local businesses. Rodda’s, Costa, Picnic and Tesco have helped keep staff going with cakes galore and bags to help deliver the free school meals.

Interim CEO at Falmouth MAT Mark Lees said ‘In this challenging and unprecedented time it is crucial that we do not forget about the children who need that extra support. I know that our staff are in regular contact with families to offer help and advice while our schools remain closed.’


Posted on: 31/03/20

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