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Working from home

Students’ Guide (Click here for Parents' Guide)

Many of you have already started to master working at home and have started to fall into a routine.  Here is a guide to getting the most out of this time and ensure you come back to school ready to continue your learning.

How do I find out what to do?

Use the ‘To-do’ list in SMHW to guide your work.  You do not need to stick to the timetable for the day.  Work around your family’s needs.    If you do not have your timetable you can find it on the “Timetable” Section of SMHW, which your parents or carers also have access to.  If they don’t have this link to SMHW then email your tutor. You can find your tutor’s email by clicking on the ‘To’ button on a new email and using the “Default Global Address List” to search for them by last name.

You can still find your work without logging in: the SMHW school calendar will show you all the work set by all teachers – use the filters to find your teacher, subject and class.

Remember work hard then play!

Should I show my work to my parents every lesson?

Yes.  They need to know you are on track and making the most of your day.  Parents are likely to be busy themselves but they need to know you are using your time wisely.   Tell them exactly what needs to be done and then show them you’ve done it.  Use the last ten minutes of your work day to do this if it is convenient for your parents.  Accept their help. 

What about PE?

If you have a PE lesson (core PE), they could use one of the videos supplied by the PE Department which can be accessed on the ‘Working from Home’ section of the school website.  They could also go outside and get some fresh air, as government regulation or weather permits.

What if I need help?

Contact your teacher by email.  Teachers will be available during normal lesson times, if their health permits, and will try to help you.  Contact other students too;  just like you work together in school,  do so at home.   The full school address book is available through your school email.  Click the button “To” and select the “Global Default Address list” – type your teacher’s second name and they’ll appear.  Click on the “+” and it will add this to your email.      If you cannot get in touch with your teacher, wait, they maybe responding to others.  Some teachers teach over 200 students! 

You can use SMHW to contact with questions but email with get your teacher’s attention quicker as they may not be logged onto SMHW all the time.

Do I have to send work back in to be checked every lesson?

Your teacher will give you instructions of what to do with your work.  We already have hundreds of examples of work sent in.  You must submit via SMHW if that is what is asked.

Do I have to do assessments?

Yes. Follow your teacher’s instructions as to how to complete these.  They will send you improvement tasks in the usual way.  This maybe through SMHW or submitting written work on word documents or on-line assessments.

Do I have to keep my work?

Yes.  File your work at home for each of your teachers using file folders.  Date it and put the title and objectives.  Use the “What we are learning and why?” (Yellow sheets) to ensure you are staying on the correct content and to keep a checklist of what you have done.   Show this to your parents to reassure them that you are staying on track.

What if I finish work early?

Use your knowledge organiser which has the key information covered in this learning cycle.  Some helpful revision techniques are in the front of the knowledge organiser.

Below are all the links to useful sites help you.  Move on to the next section of work in your ‘To-do” list.

Here’s Dr Fox going through these points on this video.


Subject Links Email Contact
Film Studies

You will be able to access the below for resources to help you learn from the > LOGIN tab of our website in the top left hand corner:

  • Email & OneDrive -Access your email and OneDrive
  • Office 365 Online Office programmes which will save documents into your OneDrive. You can also install Office programmes for free from this webpage if you do not have them installed already.
  • Moodle- The school's internal Moodle Server
  • ShowMyHomework - access your school homework.


Posted on: 3/05/20

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