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Art Skateboarding

As part of thieir Surf and Skate Graphics project, the Year 9 Graphics group were fortunate to have a recent visit from Natalie Rigby from Falmouth Art Gallery to learn about the history of skateboarding and skateboard art. 

Having recently curated a fantastic exhibition of skateboard art at the gallery, Natalie brought some visual examples of skateboards to show the group and discussed how designs and the culture of the sport have progressed over the years. She discussed her own experience of being a skateboarder (including injuries!) and how she has been heavily influenced by some of her favourite leading skateboarders and designers.

Students were fascinated to learn about this cultural past time and even more keen to have the opportunity to design their own graphic ‘decks’ following Natalie’s  generous donation of skateboard decks from her own personal collection.  

Posted on: 12/02/20

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