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Celebration Evening


Students at Falmouth School and Falmouth College celebrated a fantastic first term of the school year this week, with the latest Celebration Evening. Students from Years 7-13 were again rewarded for fantastic progress or attainment. There was a festive feel too, with members of the brass band playing guests into the library with some Christmas classics!

As always, awards were split between Lower School and Upper School students and split into the faculty categories of communications, STEM, humanities, expressive arts performance and Falmouth College. There was also the significant contribution award, which recognises particular excellence across the school and college.

Up first was the communication category, with Lower School awards going to Madison Bowden (progress) and Isabelle Thomason (attainment). The Upper School winners were Esme Wyatt (progress) and Gabriel Higgins (attainment). Callum Timmins (Lower School progress), Marlé Watt (Lower School attainment), Hugo Arbones (Upper School progress) and Thomas Wright (Upper School attainment) were the STEM category winners.

For humanities, Arturo Scott (Lower School progress), Ava Vince Plaistow (Lower School attainment) Gracie Bidgood (Upper School progress) and Leon Remphry (Upper School attainments) were the recipients of awards, while Deanna Merton (progress) and Zeno Scott (attainment) picked up awards for Upper School expressive arts.

Abi Townsend received this terms Significant Contribution award, for showing a great deal of responsibility and maturity recently when helping a friend in need. Upper School students Max Amos (progress) and Isabel Wicks (attainment) picked up the performance accolades, while Alex Munden (Year 12 progress), Brendan Townley (Year 12 attainment), Nina Benson (Year 13 progress) and Ellan Christophers (Year 13 attainment) rounded things off in the College category.

Interim Headteacher, Mr George, said “The students who picked up awards have all had an outstanding autumn term and were rightly recognised for their superb progress, attainment and contributions to the school and college. We’re all really proud of them and congratulate them all.”


Posted on: 16/12/19

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