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Science trip to London

Science Trip London 2019

A group of Falmouth School students from Years 9-13 travelled to London before half term, for a day trip to explore some of the capital’s fantastic science exhibitions! The trip provided an excellent opportunity for students to enhance and compliment their understanding of a wide range of topics, especially those students who were interested in a medical career.

The day started off bright and early with a trip to Bodyworld’s Exhibition, created by Gunther Von Hagens. Students viewed plasticized human bodies in a variety of conditions and states so they could learn about different diseases in more detail, complimenting what they have been taught in science lessons so far this term.

After Bodyworlds the students headed to the Natural History Museum where they had a chance to study many different models, displays and artefacts. This gave the students an excellent opportunity to bring topics from the classroom to life, such as; selective breeding, astronomy, geology, extinction, fossils, genetics and physiology to name but a few.

Students Niamh Madden, Emma Stembridge and Jasmine Squibb particularly enjoyed the trip. “The museum was fascinating and really gave us an insight into the amazing functions of the body. It also taught us how poor lifestyle changes can have drastic effects on our organs. The trip was engaging and educational, but really enjoyable and fun too” said the girls.

The trip was a great success and each and every student was a credit to the school, showing impeccable behaviour while learning new things thanks to their inquisitive nature.


Posted on: 29/10/19

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