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Watson Marlow Visit


Falmouth School welcomed Watson and Marlow's STEM ambassadors this week, who came visited our Design & Technology department to carry out an engineering challenge.

The ambassadors delivered an action-packed session with the Year 9 and 10 students, who had to calculate a trajectory and measure out the potential energy, to fire a table tennis ball into a bucket. There was fierce competition as teams had a play-off in which their data could be used to set the target for opposing teams!

As a continuation of the partnership with Watson Marlow the team included six engineers, of which three are current apprentices. Further to the activity, the Watson Marlow team also presented how engineers work together as a team and encouraged the teams of pupils to find and explore solutions.

Head of Design & Technology at Falmouth School, Ray Cilia, said "We were delighted that Daniel Rutter and his STEM Ambassador team came in and got our students 

Posted on: 4/10/19

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