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Students to the rescue!


A group of boys from Falmouth School were local heroes this week, as they helped rescue stranded university students on Maenporth Beach. Josh Koopmans, Josh Strange and Adam Forbes were celebrating Adam’s birthday on the beach when they noticed a group of stranded students who had been carrying out a photo shoot.

The boys reacted quickly, as Adam got into his kayak and paddled over to the stranded group whilst the other boys ran across the cliff tops to reach them. Once they got there, the boys did a fantastic job of keeping the distressed students calm for around an hour as the Coastguard was called. The boys even helped transport some of their equipment back to land in dry bags, while they awaited help. The students were eventually safely rescued by lifeboat.

Adam said “I haven’t ever been to any surf-lifesaving sessions or anything like that, I just spend a lot of time on the beach. We had to stay calm to make sure the guys we went to help were calm too. I think we worked together and showed great teamwork to help get them safe.”

Both Josh’s said that the experience has made them think of careers as coastguards. “It has really inspired us. We didn’t really think about it, other than just wanting to help. We were both really relieved when everyone was safe”, they said.     

Posted on: 10/05/19

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