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Commendation Evening


Students at Falmouth School and Falmouth College celebrated a fantastic first term of the school year this week, with the latest Commendation Evening. Students from years 7-13 were again recognised for fantastic progress as well as the new measure of their ‘ready to learn’ scores.

As always, awards were split between Lower School and Upper School students and split into the faculty categories of communications, STEM, humanities, performance and Falmouth College. There was also the significant contribution award, which recognises particular excellence across the school and college.

The first awards category of the evening was communications, with Ben Davis, Hester Higgins, Hayden Hatton-Johns, Holly Williams, Tyler Padmore, Jago Ros-Rydh and Myah Grant picking up the awards. Oliver Bareham, Zsofia Ungvari, Jack Vincent, Kieran Pennock, Lyla Reade, Danica Woodward and Jay Richardson were the recipients of the next set of awards for the STEM category.

The Humanities awards went to Joe Rhodes, Phoebe Walsh, Josef Hadjiantoni, Reuben Hesser, Tegan Underwood, Faith Coyne and Jack Hirst. The significant contribution award went to Neave Moore, who has contributed hugely to catering at Falmouth School in recent months. Neave has progressed to the latter stages of the Rotary Young Chef competition and continues to wow judges, teachers and students with her intricate and delicious menu.

In the performance category, Harry Campbell, Isla Eckersley, Flinn Leatherbarrow, Aimee Wandless, Hugo Arbones, Isabella Archman were those recognised, as well as Matthew Pellow, who welcomed guests into the library on the piano earlier in the evening. The college awards were the last of the evening for attainment and progress, with Alex Draghici, Lily Casey, Morgan Bowden and Theo Fleming scooping the honours. 

Head of School, Mr George, said “The students who picked up awards have all had an outstanding autumn term and were rightly recognised for their superb progress, ready to learn scores and contributions to the school and college. We’re all really proud of them and congratulate them all.”

Posted on: 25/02/19

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