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Falmouth School celebrate again


Falmouth School families and their students can celebrate once again as the school is confirmed as top in Cornwall for Attainment 8 in 2018 Government league tables released this week.

This headline measure of GCSE and Key Stage 4 courses adds up the performance of students across the full range of subjects they studied with Falmouth students gaining an average score of 52.1 compared to the national average of 44.3.

Falmouth School achieved impressive figures in all of the key performance measures, of 39 schools in Cornwall Falmouth School was placed;

  • first for attainment 8 (52.1),
  • second for achievement in English and Maths at good pass or higher (54%),
  • second for achievement in English and Maths at a standard pass or higher (72%),
  • third for English Baccalaureate point score (4.37) and
  • fourth for progress (0.34)!

Our internal analysis also shows that every group of children achieved grades above the national average in performance outcomes.

These results demonstrate how well all children can achieve in all areas of work at Falmouth School. Once again we would like to thank our students for their hard work and dedication and parents for their support.

Posted on: 16/10/18

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