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Honour for Justine


Falmouth School student Justine Pellew-Harvey is preparing for a Royal engagement and will meet the Lord Lieutenant representing Her Majesty, having been awarded the highest honour in the army cadets. Justine was named Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Cadet for the County of Cornwall for the forthcoming year after a stunning year of achievement.

Justine had just returned from the summer trip of a lifetime to Canada as part of the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Exchange 2017, when she was told the news.

She and her family will attend the awards ceremony in October and the excitement is already building for the Year 11 student.

Justine became not only the first Cadet selected from Falmouth School, but the first in Cornwall to go on the exchange in more than 12 years.

During the graduation ceremony in Canada Justine was awarded the position of Top UK Exchange Cadet.

This position is awarded to only one UK Cadet each year  and will mean that Justine will be returning to Canada next summer as an Instructor for the Expedition Instructor Group 2018 .

“I’m going to have to start practising what I’m going to say,” said Justine. “It hasn’t quite sunk in yet, but it is such a huge honour. I had such a great time this summer, which was an honour in itself, so to be asked back is great and something I’ll be looking forward to all year,” she added.

Posted on: 14/09/17