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Summer Commendation Evening

Commendation July 2017 Pic copy

Students at Falmouth School and Falmouth College celebrated another fantastic school year at the Summer Commendation Evening 2017. Students from in years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 were recognised for a term of hard work, with the coveted ‘Student of the Year’ awards. Other awards on the evening were for students who had made the most progress, highest attainment and significant contributions across the school and college.

Awards were split into categories for the Lower School (Years 7 and 8), Upper School (Years 9 and 10) and College (Years 12), with Year 11 and Year 13 students already completing the final year of their GCSE and A Levels. Lower School students were first up on the night, with James Chambers, Harriette Ling (both Year 7), Piran Ashburn and Ellie Casey (both Year 8) winning the attainment awards. The progress awards for Lower School went to Daniel Williams, Faith Coyne (both Year 7) Hugo Arbones and Myah Grant (both Year 8). Luke Richardson was awarded a significant contribution award for his excellent work with community cricket.

In Upper School the attainment awards went to Matt Baxter, Ella Longhorn (both Year 9) Fibar O’Conaill and Caitlin Noble (both Year 10), with progress awards going to Sam Phelps, Lennis Woods (both Year 9) Edwin Hunt and Elizabeth Holland (both Year 10). There was a brief break of awards for a presentation from Year 9 student Ella Longhorn. Ella was the winner at the recent Ogden Trust essay writing competition, delivering an insightful, confident and articulate PowerPoint on the unique spectral quality of light in St Ives.

Falmouth College Year 12 students were next to be recognised, with Jack Orders and Amber Luckett picking up the attainment awards. The progress awards were scooped by Jaw Seamark and Abiah Wyatt. The final awards of the evening were for the ‘Student of the Year’, in what was a tough decision due to another outstanding year at Falmouth School. In the end, the winners were James Chambers (Year 7), Kiera Wright (Year 8), Ella Longhorn (Year 9), Will Daniell (Year 10) and Jack Orders (Year 12). 

Deputy Headteacher Mr George said “The students who picked up awards have all had outstanding terms and were rightly recognised for their superb progress, attainment and contributions to the school and college. We’re all really proud of them and congratulate them all.”

Posted on: 21/07/17

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