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Governor Mark Award



Falmouth School Governing Board successfully achieves challenging national quality kite-mark.

The Governing Board of Falmouth School is delighted to announce it has been successful in its recent assessment for the prestigious Governor Mark Award. Governor Mark is a national kite-mark which evaluates the quality of governance in a school. It shows the Governing Board not only follows clear procedures and fulfils statutory duties effectively, but also that the Board places a high value on the impact it makes on the School.

The Governor Mark assessor visited and interviewed members of staff and governors at Falmouth School and was impressed by the range of highly skilled personnel that make up the Governing Body, with strong experience in business, finance, law and education. The assessor also praised the open and transparent relationships between the Governing Board and senior staff in the school, which had helped to make a huge impact on some of the leadership and management processes used for school self-evaluation and school improvement.

School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. This was clearly seen at Falmouth School and the high quality of governance demonstrated by the Governing Board led the assessor to praise the innovative approaches that had clearly led to further improvement in outcomes over the past three years.

Chair of the Governing Board, Glyn Williams said, "This award is further recognition that not only is Falmouth School focused on delivering high standards for the students of Falmouth, but it has the values and strategy necessary to deliver high standards and results. It is not a coincidence that Falmouth School is now one of the top performing schools in the County."

In describing Falmouth School as a ‘strong school with a strong governing board‘ the Governor Mark assessor congratulated the school on this ‘well-deserved award.’

Posted on: 12/06/17

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