Google Classroom Help

Parental information regarding Google Classrooms 


Step 1- Logging in details

Students have visited a computer room within a tutor time session to create a new password that will allow them to log into our school computers/systems and Google Classrooms, making it easy for them to remember it. 

Passwords must be 10 characters long, include at least one capital letter, at least one lower case letter and at least one number. 

Tutors at Falmouth school have been told how to change a students password if they are having trouble accessing Google Classrooms. Please email your child’s tutor if you are having trouble with this. Staff email address can be found on the school’s website within the staff directory.

Step 2- Finding google classrooms Picture4

Click on the blue ‘sign in’ box in the top right hand corner. A google sign in box will then appear. Students must enter their school username and password. This is the same username and password they would use if they were in school on our computers. 



Once signed in, your child’s initials will appear in the top right hand corner. Next they need to click on the 9 dots to the left of their initial to open the google apps. 



Step 3- Opening Google Classroom

Click on google classroom and the following will appear



Select the student option 




Step 4- Join each Google Classroom (this should have already been completed during the tutor time session).



The student will then be able to access any of the Google Classrooms they have been invited to. 



Step 5- If you are having difficulties

If your child is having trouble logging in please contact the child’s tutor

If your child has noticed there is a google classroom missing for a subject- contact the class teacher or the TTL for that subject.

If you are having trouble accessing specific materials on a google classroom- please email the class teacher in the first instance.