Music at Falmouth School is fun, rigorous and challenging. Our intent is to promote musical understanding and a love of singing and instrumental performing. Through performing as part of a group, students also develop ensemble and interpersonal skills.

Students develop wider creative skills through composing and improvising music. This is achieved via the study of diverse musical genres at KS3. At KS4 and KS5, students are free to compose in any genre or style.

Students widen their appreciation and understanding of music through studying a range of styles, such as the origins and legacy of blues music, Indian music, film music, as well as the work of the great classical composers. This leads students to respond to music thoughtfully, always being able to justify their opinions while considering the opinions of others.

At the end of KS3, if students choose to continue their studies in music they study either a GCSE or BTEC qualification. At KS5, they can opt to study either a Level 3 BTEC or A Level Music. These qualifications enable progression to either a vocational or academic course of study on leaving Falmouth School.

Lead teacher:

Mr A Mitchell


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