Behaviour and attitudes

Our vision is to enable our children to grow into happy, healthy and confident young people with the ability to fulfil their potential.  Our culture of excellent behaviour and attitudes provides the foundations for our students to achieve this vision.  Staff work with pride to build positive relationships with students and their families, providing a safe environment, where differences are celebrated and all students can thrive.  We value all aspects of our students’ development and encourage our students to be involved in our wider community.

We set high standards in all things we do.  A consistent approach to learning allows our students to rise to new challenges and work collaboratively with others to overcome challenges and develop positive attitudes to their growth.  We support our students to reach new heights and take informed and purposeful action to support every individual. This is managed through a clear system of expectations governed by our Care, Support, Guidance and Behaviour policy, as well as the variety of ways in which we recognise the successes that students have, whether in class or in one of our many  enriching extra-curricular activities and events.