Transition 2020

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Transition from primary to secondary is both an exciting and daunting time which we work hard at making a fun and easy process.

In order to ensure the process is smooth, we have a dedicated team who will ensure we get to know your child.

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Transition letter from Mr George

Year 6 Welcome - Mr George, Headteacher

Virtual Tour - Mr Hayward, Head of Lower School

A Message from Mr Wallis

When your child joins Year 7 they become part of Lower School.  The Lower School team work in partnership with your primary school and will ensure your child receives the very best start to their secondary school education, looking after them for both Year 7 & 8, before moving into the Upper School team for Years 9 – 11 and then the sixth form College team for Years 12 & 13. 

We work in close partnership with our main feeder primary schools; King Charles, St Francis, St Marys, Falmouth Primary and Marlborough. However, we also take students from many other primary schools in the area as well as out of county and children re-locating from abroad.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our transition programme will be changing for the 2020 intake. We are very much aware that transition from primary to secondary can be a daunting time, sometimes leaving children and parents feeling anxious over the summer holidays and particularly in the current climate. Therefore over the years we have worked closely with our primary partners to plan and deliver a range of transition projects to build bridges and help alleviate worries. Over the past few years  we have concentrated our transition activities for all pupils in to one solid preparation week at the very end of the Summer term. Our aim is to ensure that all children make friends and form positive relationships with their Falmouth community peers, before moving on to KS3.  Unfortunately, this is not going to take place from July 13-17 2020 so we have reviewed our provision and made adaptations.  Each primary school has already been contacted and asked to provide us with this information via email.  Once we receive this information, we will also be phoning the Year 6 teacher to have further discussions.  These phone calls will be made by either Mr Hayward, Mrs Holland or Mrs Brooker (SENCO).  

Alongside this process, there are a number of steps that we are taking to provide you and your child with as much information and reassurance as possible.  Over the course of this term we will:

  • Create a virtual tour of the school so that your child can start to become familiar with the different areas of the school before they arrive
  • Provide an email address which is dedicated to any questions or queries you or your child may have regarding the transition process and we will respond to you as soon as possible. This is
  • Create regular FAQ videos and updates relating to key areas such as uniform, ParentPay, homework etc. but will also include other information based on the queries we receive over the coming weeks.
  • Video profiles of key members of staff that you and your child will meet within the first few days of their time at Falmouth School
  • Provide a transition pack during May which will give you key information ready for a September 2020 start. 

In addition, we would also like your child to create a piece of work to help us learn about them as individuals. In addition to the information we receive from their Year 6 teacher, we would love to learn about child directly from them and in a way that they feel comfortable!  This can be done through any medium (e.g. poster, art work, video etc.) they choose and can be submitted using the email address.  We know that Year 6 students are still being set work by their primary schools and it is really important that students are continuing to work hard to produce work they are proud of.  We felt this would be an exciting and engaging way for them to showcase what they can do and to help us learn about them!

As part of the admissions process we need to set up your child’s record on our school roll. In order tod this, the student detail information forms need to be completed and returned to the school.  If you would like a form please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will get one to you as soon as possible.

We hope this provides some reassurance and clarity on the steps we are taking to facilitate as smooth and positive transition for your child as possible during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the transfer process via email at