Media Studies

Media and Film Studies

Whether it is film and TV, radio and podcasts, social media blog, vlogs and websites, or anything else in-between – media plays a central role in all of our lives. Distinguishing between truth and fiction, establishing a sense of self identity and understanding the way media texts are constructed, exhibited and consumed has never been so relevant.

The study of Media at Falmouth School will develop your analytical skills, communication and technological creativity.

Whether you choose to pursue a career in film, television, journalism, online media or take your skills into business – we aim to impart knowledge, inspire creativity and help you negotiate and make sense of the media saturated world around us.

Both Media and Film compliment and cross over into History, Psychology, Business, Photography and Performing Arts as well as share the same analytical and evaluative writing skills as English.


At Key Stage 4

BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Creative Media Production

In Year 9 students can opt to study a BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Creative Media Production. This three year course allows us to study different media products across a range of platforms including computer games, vlogging, advertising, social media, film, TV, music videos and magazines. We investigate the way the media industry has changed and discuss whether society influences the media or whether the media influences society.

Across the three years the students complete three portfolios of work with research tasks, analysis of texts and products, practical productions and evaluative reflections.

3 Components:

Exploring Media Texts

Developing Digital Media Production Skills

Responding to a Media Brief/Commission


At Key Stage 5

BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production

Post-16 we offer the Level 3 certificate in Creative Digital Media. This course is split into 4 units across the two years and covers a wide range of media products and theory. Students can really personalise the course content to suit their own interests and strengths. We encourage independence and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to be creative. The course uses industry style tasks and scenarios for the students to respond to and is a fantastic gateway into degrees or work within the Media.

4 Units:

Media Representation

Pre-production portfolio

Responding to a commission

Digital Magazine Production  / Film Production / Website Production


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Head of Department:

Mrs Hockley