Child Development

Child Development

Child development at Falmouth School aims to provide students with a profound knowledge of key themes within the early years sector and a competency in a wide range of transferable practical skills.

We aim to inspire students to learn for themselves through regular opportunities to gain and retain knowledge in relation to real problems and working environments.  This enables students to develop and apply their understanding whilst also building a range of relevant practical, communication and technical skills in industry-related contexts.  Our approach allows students to develop a balanced progression where neither skills nor knowledge are prioritised over the other, resulting in students who are keen to explore higher level thinking and demonstrate confidence in their practical abilities.

Child development is not studied at Falmouth School until KS4, however in preparation for further study later on, students are provided with extensive opportunities starting in year 9 to continuously build on their knowledge and long term memory of the subject.  The expectation is that students will be able to continue with this subject until Year 13, when they will have developed into capable and confident learners, with extended knowledge and a deep understanding, which would allow them to continue their studies at University or progress directly into employment.


Lead teacher:

Mrs A Hartley