• WEEK 1

Future Plus

Future Plus has been designed to ensure we provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all students as required by the Department for Education. Alongside all their GCSE qualifications all students need key skills in order to help them be ready for adult life. The Future Plus programme covers some of the key elements that are not covered in other qualifications and forms part of our PSHE (personal, social, health and education) programme. In the Future Plus lessons, over Years 9 to 11, students will learn about various topics such as personal finance and how to manage their finances, how to use various software packages, how be safe online and how to have a greater understanding of their own health and fitness.

All students will experience elements of financial literacy, digital literacy and healthy living through the study of these qualifications over the course of the 3 years. The details of the courses that are being studied in the Future Plus programme are highlighted below.

Financial literacy

This course introduces the student to the impact of finance on the economy and encourages them to consider how this can affect business and the individual. Over the three years (Year 9 to 11) a student can develop their knowledge and a valuable range of applied and transferable skills.  This could lead to a full equivalent GCSE qualification and also provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines.  Please click on the link to find more details regarding this course.

Healthy living

Being fit and healthy is important for a student’s well-being.  In the healthy living course students will cover topics such as fitness, nutrition, being healthy.  As some of these topics are part of the Sport/Dance BTEC course this will provided an opportunity for a student to gain a qualification in Sport or Dance over the course of the three years (Year 9 to Year 11) If they wish to do so.

Digital literacy

In today’s work place all workers need the ability to use various software packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as understand how networks and file systems are organised. These skills will be developed alongside the financial literacy and healthy living parts of the course. The BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) have proposed a digital literacy course which is awaiting Government approval which provides an excellent pathway to learning about these packages. Please note the BCS have indicated that the course is due for approval in the autumn of 2017.  Students will gain key skills and cover some elements of this proposed course whilst completing their healthy living/fitness and financial literacy when they use different software packages which are part of the digital literacy specification. Once this course has been approved, students may then decide to focus on completing the full digital literacy course during part of the Future Plus curriculum time, which could lead to a qualification. For more information please click on the link to the website.