Our School Cultures

Welcome to Falmouth School

We are the Falmouth Family.

We are mighty.

We are extraordinary.

At Falmouth School we expect the utmost diligence and commitment to learning from everyone. We strive for passion for learning, thirst for knowledge and courage to embrace all challenges in learning with resolute determination. 

We expect everyone to be able to enjoy a learning environment that is disruption free and where exciting learning happens every minute of the day and we all pursue these highest standards: adults and students.  We expect everyone to achieve their very best every day and our sense of belonging is mighty as we are a ‘Falmouth Family’.

Our vision is that every adult deserves to enjoy working in an extraordinary school. 

Our vision for all students:

  • Every student deserves to accomplish extraordinary success.

  • Every student deserves to enjoy an extraordinary educational experience.

  • Every student deserves to flourish in an extraordinary school.


Together, Falmouth School will be truly extraordinary.

We expect everyone to showcase British Values, foster a collective responsibility and the highest standards towards others within and beyond our learning community. As a student of the Falmouth School and/or Sixth Form we will help you grow in confidence. In the not so distant future, when you are in your 20s and 30s incidentally just passing by the school, our commitment is that you will recall the fondest memories of your school. 

I always wanted to be a teacher and I see it a great privilege to serve in education. It is that simple: working in education is the best job in the world. As a passionate educator, and now as the Falmouth School Headteacher, I thank you for this privilege and I look forward to your support.


Protected Characteristics