Our School Culture

Our Vision; everyone does their best everyday

"Our vision is for all students at Falmouth School to become independent and resilient learners; doing their best every day. We have rich and evolving curriculum responding to the challenges of our times; ensuring that learning is sequenced to provide continuous progression for every student. In all subjects Falmouth students are challenged through rigorous content that facilitates progress, cultural awareness and their importance in society. Students will develop the knowledge and skills that will not only prepare them for academic study but enable them to grow so that they are confident citizens; equipped with enquiring minds that will make a positive contribution to our society.”

Students are able to fulfil their potential through the Falmouth Learning Journey;  being ready to learn, using a great teaching model, building their learning every day and experiencing a culture where everyone does their best.

How do we do this? Our curriculum is rich and diverse; providing experiences and possibilities for all. This richness runs from Year 7 to Year 13.

Our curriculum is carefully and judiciously planned to ensure that knowledge, skills and understanding are delivered to students in such way as prior learning is a building block for future learning.  In this way students encounter education as an incremental process whereby previous learnt skills are continually reinforced so that learning can be ‘mastered,’ while at the same time new content is presented is a sequential way: for example, in a subject like English, students may explore the theme of ‘love and relationships’ through a range of increasingly sophisticated and challenging texts as they progress through the curriculum.  Moreover, the theme of love and relationships itself is explored in more complex ways demanding an increasing level of maturity and understanding from the student.

Students are supported from Year 7-11 in making the right choices for their move into our post-16 provision; Falmouth Sixth Form.

We offer a broad range of subjects both academic and vocational and an extensive enrichment programme so students continue their journey smoothly into Year 12. Students leave our post-16 College to attend a variety of universities including those of the Russell group, and also our vocational pathways lead students into apprenticeships and employment.

We have productive partnerships with Falmouth and Exeter universities and local businesses. Students can use state of the art facilities and have access to experts in a range of disciplines. We are blessed with a fabulous school site in extensive grounds in beautiful part of Cornwall. Falmouth is regularly identified in the media as one of the best places to live in the UK. We take pride in our site and work hard to develop and maintain the school facilities for the benefit of the whole community. Our most recent venture has been the development of an all-weather pitch and Sports Hub. This impressive development provides a focus for sport for everyone in the area.

We hope you come and see our vision and work in progress soon.