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Year 11 Parents' Information Guide

Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome to your Parents’ Information Guide for January 2018.

As our Year 11 students approach their final examinations in the summer of 2018, it is vital that they are fully equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills. The aim of this booklet is to outline the support which is available for your child.

A large part of their success will be down to how, in the run up to the summer examinations, they effectively manage their time. A key part of this is to both learn how to revise effectively and to implement an effective programme of revision. This booklet will outline some of the fundamentals to help you support revision at home and who can support your child at school in the run up to their exams.

You will also find the full summer GCSE exams timetable, some essential exam information, as well as a subject-by-subject guide to the exams, including how to access past papers.

In addition to your child’s timetabled lessons, we have scheduled revision sessions after school, at weekends and holiday classes in some subjects. If your child needs any additional help or advice with that revision, please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to discuss. For further questions regarding a specific subject, please talk to the relevant Head of Faculty or Subject Leader in the first instance. For other examinations enquiries please contact Mrs Daniell in the Curriculum Office.

Please remember that your child’s lesson timetable will run as normal until the very last exam in that subject. This means that they are expected to attend all lessons for each subject up until the very last exam in that subject. As they complete the exams in each subject they will therefore begin to find independent study time on their timetable – be sure they plan for this in advance, so they don’t fall into the trap of using it for social time.

At this point, most Year 11 students have already embarked on individual revision programmes. The exams they are about to take mark the culmination of 11 years of hard work and by preparing thoroughly they will be able to come into school on 23 August to collect their results with their heads held high and we will all be proud to celebrate with them.

Now is the time for your child to act. Their hard work will make the world of difference.  I wish your child the very best of luck in their studies and in their examinations.

Mr B Lumbers

Director of Achievement


Section 1: Key Dates

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Section 2: Year 11 Support - Attendance, Parents’ Information Evening, Year 11 Parents’ Evening, Falmouth Futures, Falmouth College, Back on Track and Master Class, Walking Talking Mocks, Weekend and Holiday Support/Revision Sessions, Assemblies and PHSE.

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Section 3: Effective Study Skills - Keep calm and look after yourself, Approach to work, Questions, Verbalisation, Small chunks, Making connections, Final preparation, Techniques (Have a plan, How to setup a revision plan, Personal revision planners, Apps, Note taking, Mind mapping, Flash cards, Key words.

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Section 4: Worrying about exams - Exam results and expectations, Beat exam stress.

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Section 5: Important Examination Information Examination Regulations – Communication or storage devices, Arriving late, Special consideration, Absence forms, Illlness, Arriving for exams, Equipment, Notification of Results.

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Section 6: Subject Specific Exam Information

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