Welcome to Falmouth School’s SEND Department.

Students who are identified as needing additional support with their learning can be added to the school’s SEND Record of Need. Their progress is then monitored not only by the Heads of Faculties  for each subject area but also by the Special Educational Needs Team including the SENDCo, Mrs C Brooker.

Students can be placed on the SEND Record of Need at any stage of their school life.   Most often they have already been identified by their primary school.  However, we understand that students’ needs vary with time and so students are referred to the SEND Team whenever necessary.

Students can be placed on the SEND Record of Need for a variety of reasons. They may be struggling with their literacy and may be screened for being ‘at risk’ of Dyslexia.  Some of our students have a diagnosed condition such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Others may have a physical disability or medical condition affecting their ability to access learning sometimes.  Other students may have social, emotional or mental health needs that affect learning.  The SEND Team ensures that their learning experience is positive and that they have the same opportunities for success and to make progress as all students.

It is recognised that most students on the SEND Record of Need simply require a slightly different approach  to  teaching in the classroom in order to make good progress.  Teachers are responsible for the progress of all of the students in their lesson, including those with SEND.  The teachers and SENDCo work together to implement additional strategies required to ensure each student has the best possible chance of reaching their potential.


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Student Autism Presentation



Head of Department:

Mrs C Brooker


Useful Documents:

Cognition and Learning Booklet

SEN Policy and Information Report 2022-2023

SEN Information Report and Local Offer 2020-2021

SEND Policy

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Individual Health Care Plan

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