• WEEK 1


Business Studies is an exciting subject with strong links to the real and constantly-changing world around us. It offers students the chance to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to lots of different areas:

·         The economic environment in which businesses operate.

·         The nature and role of enterprising and managerial behaviour.

·         The management and structure of small businesses.

It helps to:

·         Prepare students to take active roles in business and organisational settings

·         Develop essential communication, planning and evaluation skills

·         Make students more aware of their roles as consumers, workers, citizens and potentially as business owners


At GCSE we follow the Edexcel business studies course (2BS01). A link to the specification and sample materials can be found by clicking below:


At AS Level students undertake the Edexcel course in business and economics (8EB01). This consists of a business unit about developing new business ideas and a second unit covering business economics.

At A Level students will continue their study of the Edexcel course (9EB01). This consists of a unit on the wider economic environment and a second unit about international business and globalisation.

All of the units at AS and A Level are externally examined. Full details can be found on the link below:


  • Please note that due to curriculum reform the GCE course we will offer Year 12 from September 2015 will be changing. We will be moving over to the Edexcel GCE Economics B course (9EB0) which, despite the title still contains elements of both economics and business studies. Details of this upcoming course can be found at the link below:



Head of Department:

Mr N Carr