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Sports Leadership

Sports Leadership

Year 1 – Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership (CSLA)

Year 2 – Level 3 Award in Higher Sports Leadership (HSLA)

Course Outline

Student opting for Sports Leadership have a two year course to follow. They complete their CSLA in the first half of year 12 and then have the option to begin work on their HSLA which continues in year 13. The qualifications teach generic leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport. In order to gain both qualifications students must volunteer a minimum amount of time within the community, 10 Hours for CSLA and 30 Hours for HSLA.

Course Modules

CSLA Units:
1 Plan, lead and evaluate a sport/activity session
2 Developing leadership skills
3 Lead a session to improve fitness
4 Adapting sports activities
5 Establish and maintain a safe sport/activity session
6 Organise and deliver a sports event or competition
7 Pathways in sport and recreation
HSLA Units:
1 Developing leadership skills
2 Provision of sport within the community
3 Lead sessions designed to improve fitness
4 Organise and lead a sports event or competition
5 Legal and ethical responsibilities when working with others
6 Lead sport/activity sessions for children*
7 Lead sport/activity sessions for older people*
8 Lead sport/activity sessions for disabled people* (2 out of 3 units must be chosen)

Future Study and Career Opportunities

The Sports Leadership qualifications are an excellent way of setting yourself out from the crowd when applying to University or for jobs. The skills gained through these qualifications and the need of the candidates to complete volunteer hours show a willingness and dedication that is looked upon favourably by employers and universities alike.