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OCR F721/F722/F723/F724

Course Outline

A-Level Spanish is a challenging but rewarding course, which not only looks at how the Spanish language works but also gives a great in-depth look at Spanish society and Spanish-speaking countries. Each year you will research a topic of interest to you in order to present it in a speaking exam. You will also sit a listening, reading and writing exam.
By the end of this course you should be able to:
  •  communicate confidently in Spanish
  •  write in Spanish with accuracy and fluency
  • demonstrate an extended knowledge of the grammatical structure of Spanish
  • compare/contrast aspects of contemporary Spanish and Spanish – speaking countries
  • sit the A-level examination with confidence
Studying a foreign language at AS/A2 level will broaden your horizons, make
you aware of current affairs and popular culture, give you the ability to debate
and argue your point, and communicate effectively using a high degree of
spoken and written language.

Future Studies and Career Opportunities

Further Education Colleges and Universities often cite the ability to learn a foreign language as one of the deciding factors in granting places on their courses. This is particularly important at a time when securing a university place that you want is harder than ever and UK businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to move beyond English. It is difficult to think of a single career area where language skills are not an advantage. In an increasingly globalised world, the importance of learning a Modern Foreign Language has been recognised as being more valuable than ever and will be a great asset
whatever your future career plans will be.

Course Modules

Year 12—AS Spanish—GCSE/ A-Level Transition Module

Aspects of Daily Life, Leisure and Entertainment, Communication and Media
Education and Training

Year 13—A2 Spanish

Society, The Environment, Science and Technology, Culture