• WEEK 1

Applied Science

Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Applied Science

Edexcel 500/6726/6

Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science (Forensic Science)

Edexcel 500/6725/4

This course is suitable for students with a keen interest in science who are able to work consistently, to produce a portfolio of work to a high standard. Students who find performing in exams challenging and have achieved C/D grades at GCSE would be well suited to this course.

Course Outline

In the first year, candidates complete the Certificate in Applied Science which is worth 30 credits and is the equivalent to 1 AS Level. This is made up from 3 units entitled The Fundamentals of Science, Working in the Science Industry and Scientific Practical Techniques. Topics would include basic scientific techniques from Biology, Chemistry and Physics; for example, the structure of cells, chemical bonding and energy transfers. This is followed by a unit that focuses on how a science laboratory runs on a day-to-day basis and also what to consider when designing a new state of the art laboratory. Then finally a unit that focuses on selecting the appropriate scientific equipment for certain tasks in a practical setting.
In the second year, candidates build on this to complete the Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Science with Forensic Science. This qualification would then provide 60 credits and would be equivalent to 1 A Level. The second year of the course would include topics such as genetics, genetic engineering, forensic analysis and collection methods and developing further scientific practical techniques. This year will have a focus on DNA – in particular how it is extracted, analysed, and how it can be used in forensic examination, having been gathered from a crime scene.

Future Study and Career Opportunities

This course is suitable to lead onto higher study and careers in areas
such as nursing, veterinary nursing and continuing study into forensic