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A-Level AQA 1191/2191

Course Outline

A level Sociology is a lively and exciting subject which appeals to a broad range of students, some taking the Arts, others Sciences. Sociology is
not offered at GCSE at Falmouth so for the vast majority of students this will be a very new subject. The course is designed so you can discuss and debate current trends in society and acquire a deeper understanding of the world around you. You will study in depth how your social class, ethnicity or gender can affect your experiences, life chances
and relationships with others in society and there
is much opportunity for debate and discussion,
often lively, sometimes heated. The use of DVD’s
and the internet are also vital teaching tools. All
students will be issued with a wide range of text
books to further investigate topics and undertake
additional reading. Sociology is a popular subject,
which “opens student’s eyes” to many aspects of
British life outside of Cornwall.

Course Modules

Year 12 - AS Sociology

SCLY1 - Families and Households (exam 1 hour)
SCLY2 - Education, Sociological Methods of Research (exam 2 hours)

Year 13 – A2 Sociology

SCLY3 - Beliefs in Society (exam 1hour 30 minutes)
SCLY4 –Crime and Deviance, Sociological Theory and Methods (exam 2
There is no coursework in Sociology.

Future Study and Career Opportunities

Sociology is regarded as a good academic subject for applying for a
Humanities degree course. It is a key qualification for entering a wide
variety of careers, such as social work, nursing, teaching, journalism, public
relations, the police force and many others. It is a versatile and flexible
qualification, recognised by many employers.