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A-Level OCR H168/7876

Course Outline:

Psychology is described as the study of human behaviour and experience.
It is a fascinating, but challenging subject. Stop and think for a moment
about the people you know. Have you ever wondered why they behave as
they do? Were they born that way or have they become that way because
of the way they were brought up? How different might they have been if
they were brought up in a different environment? Psychologists propose
theories that attempt to explain the behaviours they have observed.

Course Modules

Year 12 – AS Psychology

Unit 1: Core Studies –G542 - the Cognitive, Developmental, Physiological,
Social and Individual approach – Exam
Unit 2: Psychological Investigations – G541 - Exam

Year 13 – A2 Psychology

Unit 3: Options in Applied Psychology – G543 – Forensic Psychology and
Health and Clinical Psychology - Exam
Unit 4: Approaches and Research Methods – G544 – Exam

Future Study and Career Opportunities

Not only is psychology a fascinating subject to study, but it also prepares
students for a very wide range of careers. Some of these have obvious
connections with psychology, such as forensic, educational and clinical
psychology. But psychology also provides a useful training for a much
wider range of career options. These include market research, social work,
teaching, nursing, advertising, sales, media and broadcasting, personnel
management and even the police and the Armed Forces.