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Physical Education

Physical Education

A-Level AQA PHED 1/2/3/4

Course Outline

A level PE is a challenging but excellent course, for motivated students who enjoy sport and physical activity and have an interest in the factors that affect performance and participation in Physical Education. The course is designed to allow candidates to develop an understanding and appreciation of the factors that enable both them and others to be physically active as part of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle.
The AS year includes the skeletal and muscular systems, motion and movement, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in relation to the performance of physical activity, classification of motor skills and abilities, the development of
motor skills, information processing, motor control of skills in physical activity, learning skills in physical activity, physical activity, sport and culture, contemporary sporting issues and how each of these areas relate to participation in an active and healthy lifestyle. Practical work will include improving personal performance, analysing performance and the importance for
preparing for activity. They are assessed in two practical activities and a verbal analysis.
During the A2 year work includes concepts in sport psychology, historical aspects, exercise and sports physiology, improvement and analysis of practical activities. They are assessed in one practical activity and a self analysis.

Course modules

Year 12 – AS Physical Education

PHED1 is 60% of the AS grade and is a written 2 hour paper and 30% of A2
PHED2 is 40% of the AS grade and 20% of A2 and is an assessment in two practical activities as a performer, leader or coach

Year 13 - A2 Physical Education

PHED3 is 30% of the A2 grade and is a written 2 hour paper
PHED4 is 20% of the A2 grade and is an assessment of one practical activity as a performer, leader or coach

Future Study and Career Opportunities

A level Physical Education is a good academic qualification if applying for a degree in Physical Education or Sports Science. It is also useful if considering a career in coaching, the forces, physiotherapy, police, sport administration, sport development, sports journalism, sports retailing, sport therapy or teaching.